Bright and subtle flowers sway softly in the breeze on Littleton real estate. At Chatfield Farm a variety of gardens grow plump with vegetables and thick with colored blossoms. As a working farm, education is a key principle on this thriving land. Hundreds of acres are divided into themed sections providing a nutrient rich whole.

The Agricultural Past and Present section was designed to represent early agriculture and sits alongside a working farm sustaining the efforts of local food programs. Mother Nature provides. And, gardens on this piece of Littleton real estate place a spotlight on her talents. Small scale agriculture gets a nod from the Market Garden where vegetables grow as part of the Urban Food Initiative. Original fruit trees are acknowledged in The Mary Washburne Orchards. Add spice to life in the Herb Garden. Folks find old fashioned entertainment in the corn maze and pumpkin patch during days of autumn. The Janice Ford Memorial Dye Garden showcases over a dozen plants whose petals have been used to dye fabrics for generations.

Butterflies Flutter In Flight Nearby Littleton Homes

Gardens of the West shows residents living in Littleton homes what is possible to recreate in their own backyard gardens. Shades of pale purple blend excellently in the Lavender Garden. Over 14 varieties of the plant grow as a crop and in other areas are displayed cosmetically. Favorite dwellings spots are the Rock Garden, Stone Patio and Labyrinth. Nearby the large Prairie Garden is found. Smaller segments include the Rain Garden, Moist Meadow and North Slope. Gardens of the West is a seasonal haven for butterflies. A butterfly house creates a sanctuary for several species of the beloved insect. Passersby will observe Colorado natives such as Monarchs, Mourning Cloaks, Painted Ladies and Swallowtails.

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week spontaneous trips to the farm are easily accomplished. Time efficient visitors often plan out an itinerary of the gardens at Chatfield Field with assistance of an area map.