With the winter frost comes Colorado fun. On Breckenridge property the horses are hitched up and the sleigh is ready. The magic of the season is truly experienced with scenic sleigh rides through snow covered forests. Sleigh rides with the Golden Horseshoe Tour Company have been bragged about as the very best all around.

Bells are jingling and gently spirited mounts decked out. Smiles come freely and good times are all but guaranteed. Romantic moonlight, heated blankets and the soft pitter patter of gentle Belgian draft horse hooves sets the mood. Moments are inspired during private rides for couples. Bold souls have even seized the day by proposing to their partners as they drift through the snowy Breckenridge property grounds. Anniversaries and special dates are also celebrated with private rides.

Tales of Old Are Gleefully Told on Breckenridge Real Estate

Families make memories as well with group winter sleigh rides. Friendly drivers keep moods jovial imparting witty stories and pointing out bits of scenery. Taking off to a destination of fun, dinner theater packages entertain and enlighten. The mining camp dinner theater embraces the history of Breckenridge real estate and Colorado as a whole. Participants journey to an authentic mining camp set up. Rustic luxury awaits with bold and burly characters running the show. Meet miners in their glory days, saloon girls and others representing times of the Old West. The food served is hearty, filling and deliciously filling. From dinner to dessert the supply seems endless. Contrary sorts steal the show. The Unsinkable Molly Brown has a whale of a tale to tell. Mountain Men share the secrets of their hideout, Le Bonte’s Hold. Here they reminisced about time gone by and speculate on what the future may hold. With weary hours in the mining camps hope burst forth with the smile of a saloon girl. Diamond Dixie had all the men in the palm of her hand and when she gets to talking the laughter is contagious.

Welcome the chill of winter with a warm heart and a smile. Sleigh rides honor traditions of old and create memories anew. Reservations are available online or by calling 970.453.2005.